We are proud to offer RightEye eye-tracking tests and training. RightEye’s testing and therapy protocols are the only objective vision and health tests using eye-tracking technology in the world. RightEye testing protocols assist us in providing the best possible vision care.

Using a scientific-based, metric-driven methodology, RightEye’s patented technology measures visual skills and provides earlier, faster, more accurate insights related to heath, vision and sports performance.

What can RightEye eye tracked vision tests tell you?

  • Monitor eye movements uncovering vision and health issues
  • Provide baseline concussion tests
  • Monitor recovery and treatment impact
  • Improve athletic performance by identifying vision strengths and weaknesses
  • Detect early indicators for autism and Parkinson’s disease
  • Identify binocular vision issues that impede reading., vision and learning
  • Inefficiencies are detected

RightEye reports provide objective, online access to visualizations and precise metrics against age-based norms for general population or elite athletes.