4 to 5 million concussions occur annually 90% of most diagnosed concussions involve vision problems 2/3 of neural connections within the brain involve some aspect of vision proving just how intimately related the brain and visual system are RightEye Brain Health EyeQ™ can collect baseline scores or screen for brain health issues, such as concussion, stroke or any other acquired brain injury, and monitor recovery from treatment. Our series of tests quickly measures and analyzes eye movements from post injury problems such as eye teaming, tracking and processing, and provides real time reports and recommendations to improve care and outcomes.

Brain Health EyeQ consists of objective and non invasive individual tests that take minutes to complete. These in office tests will measure:

• Circular, horizontal and vertical smooth pursuit ability to track slow moving objects in a circular and up and down motion with control
• Horizontal and vertical l saccades ability to move the eyes rapidly and accurately
• Reaction times including simple, choice, discriminate how quickly your eyes will react in certain situations
• Cardinal gaze position speed of the eye to 8 of the 9 cardinal positions