See What Your Child Sees…

Concerned about your child’s progress in school? RightEye Reading EyeQ™ offers a 2 minute objective, grade normed reading test that tells you what’s really going on! Reading EyeQ records and measures the exact behavior of each eye separately and together and applies advanced analytics to pinpoint the issue and help your child succeed.

The non-invasive Reading EyeQ™ tests show:

• Reading rate-words per minute read
• Fixation span-how many characters are read during a single eye movement
• Fixation time-how often your child’s eyes pause as they move along a line of text
• Regressions-how many times your child rereads a line of text
• Head tilt-an indicator that the eyes are not working together
• Grade level comparison
• Indicators for dry eye, eye teaming, fatigue and other binocular issues
• Average eye alignment while reading

Reading EyeQ™ Report

An instant replay of your child’s eye movements while reading showing specific types of eye movements including fixations, saccades, regressions and return sweeps. Reading EyeQ™ reports measure your child’s progress over time and provides age-based norms for comparison. These reports can be given to your child’s school or reading specialist. For more information on how RightEye Reading EyeQ™ can help your child, see below.